January 18, 2019
Most customers firms believe that Net-Tell LLC offers telephone service that is far better than most phone company offerings. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, they route calls over your existing broadband router, which saves Net-Tell LLC a lot of money, which they happily pass on to customers. All of this, despite the fact that they offer their service at a price that is far lower than most phone utilities. Because Net-Tell LLC can offer great service over your existing broadband connection at a fraction of the price, many might think their service will be cut-rate as well, but that would be wrong.

One reason Net-Tell LLC is able to charge less is because they don’t have to build out and maintain expensive hard-wired phone lines. Instead, they use the Internet to route calls for a fraction of the price. Anyone with broadband can simply plug their existing landline phone into the small box that Net-Tell LLC provides and make calls exactly the same way they have for decades. There is no difference in call quality and plans include many extras that phone companies often charge extra for, if they have them at all.
July 18, 2018
The first thing most Net-Tell LLC customers notice when they perform the easy set-up and then start using their home telephone service is that nothing has really changed at all. Most find everything working exactly as it did when they were paying the local phone company a lot more money. That’s a good thing, and exactly how Net-Tell LLC wants their customers to feel. Their goal is to save each customer hundreds of dollars every year without feeling like they gave up much of anything. There is no drop in call quality or quality of the service.

From the perspective of Net-Tell LLC, if their service isn’t at least as good as that of the local phone company, their customer is less likely to be happy, and they are more likely to go elsewhere for home phone service. They designed the service based on the understanding that every customer just wants to use the same phone and make and receive calls as they have for years. They just want to call the same friends, family members, clients and customers they have always called. Ultimately, Net-Tell LLC hopes customers forget they even switched phone companies. Well, until they get the much lower bill, at least.